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Event Solutions


We undertake all kinds of Corporate events which vary according to the client’s preference or what a client wants to derive out of the event. It could be a dealer or sales team meet where one would like to acquire new clients or it could be an awards ceremony for in-house employees from various departments, we do it all.

We can add our creative ideas in enhancing the end result of the aim of the event


Organizations plan and hold these meetings with targeted audiences, and provide them with relevant information. Conferences typically have multiple sessions that occur concurrently. Seminars on the other hand are usually shorter events, lasting a couple hours, ½ day or a whole day. They have single or multiple speakers, and keep all participants together in the same space.

JustGoZing has the expertise to design contemporary stage, sound, light and multimedia set up which give the participants a WOW effect and make it a memorable event. We also offer conference solutions like

  • Venue selection with right kind of Menu for Food & Beverage
  • Theme setup to create the right kind of ambiance.
  • Complete Stage & Multimedia setup.
  • Professional MC, artists and entertainers.
  • Photography and Video coverage
  • Satellite Video Conferencing.
  • Online web casting
  • Media & Public Relations

Brand Activations and Product launches for us is about giving our clients the idea and the platforms that are needed to showcase their product to the audience they need to showcase it to, in order to propel it into the market and compliment other processes that the client might implement towards the same product.

They give us the product and we give them the idea along with the means through which they can derive maximum benefit out of doing the event. We specialize in coming up with customized promotion strategies to get maximum EYEBALLS to your product and Maximum FOOTFALLS to your promotion event. Our promotion team are well groomed promoters who can handle customer enquiries and product demonstrations.


Organizations attend trade shows as a lead generation activity, or host one to reinforce their image as an industry leader among those who attend, such as members, customers, prospects and suppliers. JustGoZing possess the expertise in getting organized what the client would need for a successful trade show or exhibition.