About Us

Reinventing Corporate Gifting

Founded by Ravi Ravipati and Ravindar Reddy in the year 2011, JustGoZing is a new age gifting concepts company based in Hyderabad. No matter what the event or occasion is, we know what works in corporate gifting – be it the pulse of the employees, delegates of events, your precious clients and more, or what best suits your company's personality.
Team JustGoZing is in a never-ending pursuit to invent and reinvent ways to enliven corporate life and entertainment through collections both trending and sought-after in the market, and also truly novel.

Our Vision

Corporate life is often seen as restless, cutthroat and depressingly tedious. Our vision is to help companies debunk this notion by making relationships and special occasions a class by itself – fun, thought-provoking and revitalising.
JustGoZing is here to reimagine corporate gifting for you. Amongst a deluge of corporate gifting companies, we strive to stand apart with gifts that are relevant and a brand new, memorable experience in itself. Through our products and services, we help companies build goodwill and enrich their relationships with business associates.

Why Choose Us

Your company’s image is just as important to us as it is to you. That is why we leave no stone unturned to bring you gifts that make sure your employees, stakeholders or customers remember you with admiration and affection.

Bespoke Gifting

You're unique. So why shouldn't your gifts be? Our gifting concepts are tailor-made to showcase your sui generis personality.

Timely Delivery

Punctuality is everything for us. No matter how stunning an idea is, it's ineffective if not delivered at the right time.

Long-term Partner

In a company, there's no dearth of events. We're the perfect long-term partner who can understand your company closely and come up with refreshing gifting concepts every single time.


Every gift you give sends out a message about your company. An event or occasion is considered successful when it positively impacts your brand image and we, at JustGoZing offer our services keeping this very objective in mind.

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