Gold Medal with Ribbons

Get our world’s best award and take pleasure in the feeling of increasing one’s self-confidence.

1. Expresses gratitude to people for their efforts and accomplishments.
2. Motivates athletes to put forth more effort and aim higher.
3. Motivates participants in a competition, whether it is at work or in school.
4. The ideal addition to your collection of awards and medals.
5. A special method to enhance your party with an Olympic or prize theme.


Medals: Each medallion of the highest caliber is made to last and will hold up even when handled roughly. Ideal for many youth contests including the Olympics. Long enough to be worn in whatever way you choose, the v-neck ribbon
Excellent individual recognition: Our world-class medals give each recipient the right acknowledgment for their extraordinary efforts and acknowledge the accomplishment that they were able to achieve. It makes winners feel proud and inspires others to succeed.

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