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Tupperware Plastic New Urban Lunch Set – Promotional gifting

Using the Office lunch set to bring a nutritious lunch to work in a stylish, roomy bag. The size of the crystal wave micro is practical and aids with portion management. Simply open the vent and reheat in the microwave. An almost airtight seal is included on the Cool n fresh tiny. a great way to transport dry goods like rice, rotis, and parathas The containers’ nestability and adaptability enable compact storage.


Airtight Container: The Urban Lunch Set from Tupperware comes with a tiny Cool N Fresh container that is ideal for transporting dry food items like roti, rice, bread, or snacks.

Spill-Proof Containers: It also comes with two Crystal Wave small containers that are perfect for transporting wet foods like gravies, curries, and pasta since they have liquid-tight lids.

Vent to Reheat: When placing the Crystal Wave tiny containers in the microwave for a quick reheat, you can open a vent on the lid of the container.

Space Saving: When not in the lunch bag, the modularly designed containers in the lunch set can be nested and stacked. You won’t even notice the tiny area they occupy if you place them in a kitchen corner.

Carry More: The aesthetically pleasing lunch bag is roomy enough to fit all three containers and still leave room for a piece of fruit or a snack you like to have with your meal.

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